If you’re on Pinterest or Instagram, chances are you’ve come across the term “cottagecore.” But what is cottagecore style? Simply put, it’s a nostalgic aesthetic that celebrates everything rustic, romantic, and cosy. From quaint cottages nestled in the woods to flower-filled meadows, there’s something about this idyllic aesthetic that feels like summertime. If you’re looking to add a touch of cottagecore to your home, here are some tips to get you started.

Cottagecore is a fashion and interior design trend that features natural materials, floral patterns, and a focus on comfort

Cottagecore is a new fashion and interior design trend steadily gaining popularity. The style features natural materials such as wood and stone and uses floral patterns to create uncluttered looks reminiscent of the countryside. Cottagecore also takes a laid-back approach to design and emphasizes comfort, leading to homes filled with cosy furniture pieces, soft blankets, and collected items from nature. From romantic kitchenware to fabric prints inspired by wildflower fields, Cottagecore provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by embracing effortless style with a touch of nostalgia.

The style is often associated with country living but can be adapted to any space

Farmhouse decor has been trending for years, and it’s easy to see why. This unfussy and relaxed style is often associated with country living but can be adapted to fit any home and lifestyle. A key element of farmhouse decor is incorporating natural materials such as wood or straw, giving a space an inviting and quaint feeling. Accents like a rustic shiplap wall, vintage trunks, enamelware dishes, or peeling paint can charm a room – no matter where you live! Bring the outdoors in with plants that coordinate with your colour palette, add layers of quilts or throws for texture, and mix furniture pieces from different eras for unique contrast; all these elements create the perfect farmhouse-style atmosphere. With just a few simple decorations, you can turn any home into an area influenced by the famous farmhouse style.

Cottagecore furniture typically includes wood pieces, upholstered chairs, and colourful rugs

Cottagecore furniture is a cosy, welcoming style that can charm any room. Each piece of furniture has its unique look, from wood pieces carefully crafted with intricate details to upholstered chairs that can be dressed in vibrant colours and patterns for added character. No cottagecore space is complete without a colourful rug to bring it all together and make the room look inviting and warm. With so many styles and options, it’s easy to find a piece of furniture that fits your vision – and your budget.

For cottagecore style in your home, start by adding some fresh flowers or plants

Add some fresh flowers or plants to create a cottagecore style in your home. Flowers have always been symbols of beauty and life, so why not bring them inside your walls? Natural greenery adds a calming atmosphere to any living space, while vibrant blooms give a room an exquisite touch. Plus, with the proper care, they’ll last much longer than any plastic or faux plant ever could. Whether you have experience caring for plants or are a beginner, it doesn’t matter – there’s something for everyone! So go ahead and start bringing nature into your home – you won’t regret it.

Add cosy touches like throws and pillows to make the space more inviting

To ensure your living room is a cosy and inviting space for family and friends, why not add soft touches like throws and pillows? Throws are great for draping over the back of a sofa or armchair to make the seating areas more inviting, while colourful cushions will create a stylish yet welcoming look. And don’t forget to add some comfy rugs, too – they will tie the whole room and provide an extra layer of luxurious comfort. With these cosy touches, you’ll create a comfortable space with plenty of personalities.

Finally, accessorise with vintage finds or nature-inspired decor to complete the look

To top off the new look of any room, shop for various vintage finds and nature-inspired decor for charm. Whether you go for a timeless classic or a unique piece, these accessories can significantly impact the overall room design. Vintage finds can add personality, depth and contrast to the room’s palette. The nature-inspired decor adds natural elements that bring warmth into the space while maintaining its stylish feel. Adding these items will leave guests amazed while simultaneously tying the entire look together.

What would a cottagecore living room look like?

A cottagecore living room would be a cosy oasis of comfort and charm. Candles and adored antiques are paired with historic textiles such as needlepoint rugs, plaids, velvet couches, tapestries, and floral pillows for an incredibly inviting atmosphere. Faux wood beams give the room a rustic feel balanced by modern touches like dainty light fixtures and a natural colour palette heavy on neutrals. Atmospheric pieces like lace curtains add to the romantic vibes present throughout – leaving visitors feeling as if they’ve escaped from reality into their own little world of warmth and safety.


cottagecore is here to stay. This charming style features natural materials, floral patterns, and a focus on comfort—making it the perfect antidote to our fast-paced lives. Add some fresh flowers or plants if you want to bring a little cottagecore into your home. Then, add cozy touches like throws and pillows to make the space more inviting. Finally, accessorize with vintage finds or nature-inspired decor to complete the look.

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