Hey, Congratulations! You just got your house painted. Wait, what happened? Why such a long face? Are you not happy with a decorator? Well, nothing can hurt more than shattered hopes and we understand how much effort and hope you might have put in your painter. If you are worried about what to do next then chill out as we are here to help you out. 

So, what do you do if your decorator did a bad job?

When you hire professional painters and decorators, you have pretty high hopes of them, as you hire them for the sake of a better job. But, not every time they perform a great job, there are some cases in which the customer is unhappy with a decorator. So, does that mean you now have to stay with the bad work forever? We will discuss all of that in this article. 

How to know when you’ve had a bad decorator? 

Yes, it is quite understandable that you are not happy with a decorator, because they did a bad job. But, how did you know that the job was not good? What are those reasons and aspects that degrade the value of a good painter? 

Now, if we think about it there is not only one factor, instead, there are many. Decorating and painting is a layered work, hence even minor mistakes at any stage can lead to a really bad result. So let us now find out what are those things that will help you differentiate between a good job and bad work of painting. 

Roughness Living inside cracked and uneven walls would be such a great experience, right? Of course, that was a joke. Such roughness in walls and paints can damage the walls and also destroy the beauty of the house. 

How to check a decorator’s work?

After the job tries running your hands to the walls. Do you find any roughness and gaps in between? If yes, it is time to meet with your painter again. 

Falling chips 

Okay, so now, your walls look smooth, they are not uneven, and you are happy with the work. But after a few days, you see some chips off the paint falling. Did someone break it? Humidity? Or is it simply a huge decorator’s glitch? Well, if the paint is new and you do not hit it, then most probably it is the painter’s fault. 

How to check it? 

Relax this does not need your effort, you will find fallings bits and chips of the paint all by yourself on the floor. Yes, you might need to check if it is the painter’s fault or if someone just scratched it. 

Visible strokes 

The bush used for painting walls is very thick and has very thick bristles. Due to this, the painting is also followed by rolling and several other quotes. And most of the time they are smoothed out, in rare cases these get stuck on the walls and get plastered there. But the worst-case scenario is when they leave visible marks on the walls. This is your painter’s fault. 

How to check?

Try checking the walls under bright lights, you might even consider using the camera and flash of your phone. Now if you see visible lines stroking in a specific direction, then you know these are visible strokes.

Difference in shades 

Now, we said shades, not colour. There can be different shades of the same colour and we understand no painter is that naïve to use different colours, but when talking about shades, the same cannot be said. Sometimes the painter forgets to do even layering of the paint. This results in a mix of darker and lighter shades. That means the area where the layering was done right would appear a bit darker than the area where the layering was not done. This might not bother you initially as the change is not much visible, but sooner this would come off odd to the eyes. 

How to check 

Try using a shade scale to measure the changes in shades. If the change is bigger, then you might also be able to see with the naked eye. 

And these were a few points that might be why you are unhappy with a decorator. Although there are more, not everything could be visible, but it might be felt later on. 

So now after knowing this, what could be done, as we promised to help you build your home sweet home again? So here are some things you might consider doing……

What to do if your decorator does a bad job? 

1. Try to contact them 

The first and most obvious reaction would be to call them again and ask for fixing the mess. You might try reaching through their website and consider writing complaints. 

2. Reaching out to different contractors 

You tried one time, and you are not happy with a decorator. OK, then change them. Yes, if you want to fix the previous mess and you believe it was not any glitch but a serious mistake due to lack of professionalism, then you might consider looking for a new contractor. 

The last point is that when you are reaching a new contractor, you might not want to repeat the same mistakes. So this time, better prepare a decorating snag list. Wait for what? What is a snag list? And how to prepare a decorating snag list? Well, let us discuss now. Let us start with understanding what is a snag list? 

What is a snag list? 

To understand what is a snag list? Let us try to simplify it. It is just a list usually a list that can be used by you and your contractor to jot down the faults that happened during the work. 

Now we know what is a snag list? So, let us move to the other question, how to create a decorating sang list? 

How to create a decorating snag list? 

A snag list sure looks useful, but is it prepared for the decorators? And if yes, then how to create a decorating snag list, all from the scratch. Let us discuss this now. 

  1. Start with the basics, see everything visible, cracks, scratches and everything. You do not want to regret chipped corners after a few months 
  2. Know your preferences. That means do not go up adding every minor thing you see. Give some room for painters as well. 


Decorating and building your house is a great experience. And if things mess up there, we understand it would be a huge disappointment. But do not get upset about just one aspect, try to explore the other beauty as well. Because at the end of the day, it is you that makes the house a home. 

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