With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the big home decor trends in 2023. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further! Some of the top trends experts predict will be popular next year.

The return of wallpaper – think big patterns and bold colours

The wallpaper is back and with a bang! These days, it’s all about big, bold patterns and colours in the home. Whether for a dramatic feature wall in the living room or a subtle accent piece in the hallway, wallpaper is the perfect way to add impact and texture to any room. It’s no longer just floral designs, as countless prints and textures are available – from contemporary styles to animal motifs – so feel free to let your imagination run wild when deciding on your wallpaper design. No matter which pattern you choose, you can be sure that this time-honoured decor option will make an incredible statement in your home.

Mixing and matching different styles – think vintage with modern or traditional with contemporary

Mixing and matching different styles can be an exciting way to add a unique flair to any living space. Mixing vintage with modern or traditional with contemporary adds an unexpected touch that can transform the appearance of a room. Rather than following the same approach as everyone else, rearranging items from different styles can make for bold visual statements within a home’s interior. If you’re looking for something fresh, take a risk by putting together two unlikely design genres – it might just give your living area the novel touch it needs!

More plants! Indoor plants are becoming more popular than ever

Home-dwellers interested in healthier lifestyles have embraced the growing trend of embracing more plants indoors! Plants provide many health benefits, from boosting your mood and improving air quality to other physiological advantages like reducing stress. It’s no surprise that indoor plants are becoming more popular than ever before. They offer an array of options for the home, with low or even no maintenance varieties that can make anyone from novice to experienced gardeners happy. With this influx of greenery, it’s never been easier to bring nature back into your home and improve the well-being of yourself and your family!

Geometric shapes are still in – think clean lines and simple designs

In today’s style-savvy world, geometric shapes are a trendy design choice. We all know the basic squares, circles, and triangles, yet designers incorporate all sorts of angles, lines, and curves into their creations. Clean lines and simple designs emphasize form and give any room or outfit a modern feel. What’s more, splashy colours and unexpected combinations allow these shapes to be accessorized for any taste: bold prints for the daring fashionista, pastel accents for the minimalist decorator, or whatever else you can imagine! Incorporating geometric shapes into your style means proclaiming your modern sensibility without losing your sense of individuality.

Black is the new white – monochromatic black and white interiors are trending

Monochromatic black and white interiors are trending in home decor, with the classic pairing of these two colours creating a timeless yet dramatic effect for any space. Whether used as a bold contrast to highlight a particular feature or to lend a touch of elegance to an entire room, black and white interiors have found their way into modern homes worldwide. As bold statements that speak of sophistication and luxury, there is no denying that black truly is the new white regarding interior design.

Copper and rose gold accents are back in style

Copper and rose gold accents make a massive comeback in the interior décor. Whether it’s a modern home or traditional, these metallic hues can help elevate any atmosphere. Copper is reflective and captures light well, while rose gold brings an aura of sophistication and femininity to any room. The best part? It looks great with almost every other colour, providing endless opportunities for interior design. Add copper and rose gold to your living space in the form of furniture, lighting or small accents for an on-trend element you won’t regret!

Soothing colour pallets

Soothing colour pallets are trending right now and for a good reason! The tantalizing shades of pastels or pastel-adjacent colours give us a sense of serenity, reminding us that calmness can be found in any environment. Not only do these colour palettes look great in any room, they also provide a fantastic atmosphere to relax and focus on unwinding at the end of a long day. We could all use extra peace and peaceful hues to brighten our moods; you don’t have to be a designer or artist to transform your home with soothing tones.

Rounded edges on furniture and decor

Rounded edges are becoming more and more popular in interior design lately. Not only do they create an overall softer, warmer atmosphere, but they also add an unexpected element to any room. Rounded edges can give the furniture a modern yet timeless dimension that brings balance to a space. Round furniture pieces provide visual interest and a hint of elegance without feeling overly fussy or boutique-like. It’s a great way to add some edge and style without going overboard on elaborate shapes or additions. Rounded edges on furnishings and decor offer an uncomplicated yet intelligent approach to sprucing up any room.

Accent walls in shower rooms and bathrooms are trending

An accent wall in a shower room or bathroom can modernize any space. Accent walls come in various sizes, shapes, textures, and colours that can add a unique twist to any room design. Combining different hues can create an eye-catching effect that adds value and style to any luxury room. This trend is not just about interior decoration but creating a timeless yet modern look for all interested in bathroom decorating.


Wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way, so if you’re thinking about redecorating your home or office, consider going bold with pattern and colour. Mixing and matching different styles is also popular now, so don’t be afraid to mix vintage with modern or traditional with contemporary. And, of course, plants are always in style! Indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to add life to their spaces. Geometric shapes are still trending, so incorporating them into your design will give your space a clean, modern look. Finally, black is the new white—monochromatic black and white interiors are very chic. So there you have it: six trends that are hot right now in interior design. What direction will you embrace?

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