The bathroom is one area that has proved more challenging in terms of painting. This where you’ll hear people talk about a special type of painting known as bathroom paint that doesn’t even exist. Sometimes people tend to think that there are special paints for bathrooms that are different from the ordinary paint that we use in painting houses. This is a normal thing considering that painting a bathroom on its own is not a walk in the park. The nature of the bathroom makes it even more difficult to hold the paint. While it may be true that there are no such things as bathroom paints, we have paints that were designed specifically to be used in a moist environ and they can perfectly meet your needs whenever you want to paint your bathroom. We cannot advise you to move around searching for bathroom paints but there are reasons you should go for the best paint that guarantee you the value for your money. That’s why we’re ready to assist in selecting the best paint that will give your bathroom a gorgeous look.

What To Consider When Selecting The Best Paint For Your Bathroom 

  • Every time you’re looking for a special that has the power of giving your bathroom a powerful attraction, often look for the following features in your paints:
  • It needs to have what’s commonly known as mildew-inhibiting properties, a property that will enable the paint to resist mildew or mold.
  • Your paint should come with washable walls since bathroom walls need to be wiped-down or even scrubbed occasionally. Good paint for your bathroom should slightly be tougher as well as more resilient when compared to other interior paints.
  • Have a tighter structure that will allow it to make lower-gloss sheens that work well with higher-gloss paints when in high-moisture environments.

Reasons Why The Bathroom Is More Difficult To Paint 

Since bathrooms are wet in most cases, moisture needs to be the number one priority whenever you want to lay down a fresh coat of paint on their walls. Under normal circumstances, moisture will jeopardize your painting process in two ways. Firstly, it damps air that comes from steamy baths as well as showers on the walls. Secondly, you’ll encounter another challenge of water that comes from the shower, bath, or sink that gets splashed onto the walls of your bathroom. Similarly, moisture has the power of damaging the paint, especially when it succeeds in penetrates a paint layer which can lead to peeling paint together with mold growth. This is the reason you should go for less permeable paint coating if you want to guarantee your bathroom paint a longer lifespan. 

How Painting Can Resist Moisture 

Today, there are mildew-resistant properties that have been included in most paints that have made it possible to withstand challenges that are brought by a moist environment. However, using high-gloss paints such as eggshell is the most effective way of dealing with bathroom moisture. According to the thumb rule, the higher the gloss, the better the paint finish performs well in bathrooms. This the reason you will find high-gloss finishes on almost all surfaces in the older bathroom. Unfortunately, painting your bathroom with high-gloss paints will not prevent mildew. The good thing is that it will lessen your work when it comes to wiping down what can be described as drippy, brown stains that are common in most bathrooms. High-gloss is just one among tens of sheens of paints that should give your bathroom a powerful attraction. 

Different Paints That You Can Use In The Bathroom 

Flat Matt

It’s the perfect matte coating but can work well in low-traffic areas since it doesn’t like getting touched. It can absorb moisture and therefore, the worse choice for your bathroom. Go for flat paint if you want to paint the halls and dining rooms.


Eggshell is slightly shiny and more washable as well as scrubbable, unlike the flat paint. It can work well in areas with moderate moisture. Eggshell can be your best bet if you want to keep your bathroom an amazing look.


Satin is slightly more gloss when compared to the eggshell. Use it if you’re sure that your bathroom has a low-moisture content. 


It comes with an excellent finish that fits well with any kind of bathroom. Besides repelling moisture, it’s ultra-shiny like high-gloss which makes it perfect for bathrooms. 


Although you may want to try this paint for its shinny nature, it’s renowned for producing horrible results when used on large surfaces. However, it can make give your cabinet a wonderful appearance. 

As mentioned before, a lot of manufacturers are shifting away from using bathroom paint names. Instead, there are putting more emphasis on manufacturing paints that can tackle moisture menace. It is move is welcomed since the new product will provide durability in any part of the home. For instance, you can get a Latex Paint that comes with anti-microbial properties on par with Bath Paint which’s an ideal paint for trim, walls, and even ceilings. One problem with using flat finishes in moist environments such as bathrooms is that they are porous and can trap moisture. The incredible thing about paint designed specifically for the bathroom is the fact that they will the option of more paint sheens. Unlike standardized paints that can be satin, mid-gloss, or high-gloss, special bathroom paints can be improved matt or flat. Against the popular opinions that matt cannot be used in moist areas, there’s a new matt paint that comes with low-sheen that can do better in high-moisture areas. 

Final Word

We hope you enjoyed the article to help you decide on the paint to choose for your bathroom. We paint many peoples homes and love making our customers vision come alive with colour. If you would like a professional painter and decorator to paint your home, get in touch today.

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