Modernism wasn’t just a movement in the arts. It also transformed architecture and design, as evidenced by the rise of Mid-century modern. This style eschewed traditional values and embraced new materials and technologies. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating period, read on for everything you need to know about Mid-century modern.

What is Mid-century modern design?

Mid-century modern design is a style of architecture and furniture popularized from the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s. Characterized by simple lines, organic shapes, bold colours and minimal ornamentation, the clean and functional nature of mid-century modernism can be seen in iconic designs such as the Eames lounge chair, designed in 1956 by husband and wife duo Charles and Ray Eames. Mid-century modern furniture is often crafted from wood, leather and moulded plastics to create an aesthetic that transcends traditional boundaries yet exists as an elegant blend perfect for any contemporary space. Today’s interiors continue to bring a vibrant mix of history and classic charm, blending seamlessly with other styles due to their sleekness, versatility and timeless appeal.

Where did the mid-century modern design come from and who created it?

Mid-century modern design began in the post-World War 2 era. This decor style was popularized by American and European designers who wanted to focus on comfort and create innovative designs that brought some of the glamour from the art deco period back into homes. Some prominent figures in the industry include Florence Knoll, who created her furniture lines, and Charles and Ray Eames, whose timeless furniture is still sought after today. Although there were many contributors to mid-century modern design throughout the 1940s – 1970s, these three designers certainly left their mark on this classic style.

What are the key features of Mid-century modern design?

Mid-century modern design is a home decor style that has recently gained popularity. Simple, clean lines and a focus on functionality characterize it. Key features of this style include natural materials such as wood and leather, muted colour palettes often inspired by nature, and the incorporation of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. Mid-century modern furniture typically features smooth surfaces without carving or other decorations, while decorative accents like geometric rugs or art pieces can add colour to the space. With its subtle yet timeless aesthetics, mid-century modern design continues to be a popular choice for many homeowners!

How can you incorporate Mid-century modern into your home décor?

Incorporating mid-century modern into your home décor is an easy way to add a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. It’s all about incorporating subtle elements of retro charm to refresh any space. Start by choosing furniture inspired by the era, such as angular tufted sofas or sculptural armchairs with tapered legs. Pieces in bold colours like teal and burnt orange are eye-catching and on-trend. Next, layer textures for depth and interest—maybe mix a velvet chaise lounge with some textured throw pillows for good measure! A cosy sheepskin rug would be the perfect finishing touch for this look. Ultimately, creating your mid-century modern look should feel effortless and fun; remember to stick to muted tones and create interest with texture, shape, colour, and furniture placement.

Tips for shopping for Mid-century modern furniture and décor

Shopping for mid-century modern furniture and décor can be an exciting experience. To get the best pieces for your space, keeping a few tips in mind is essential. Firstly, measure the size of the room you are furnishing, including height and width. Do your research to understand what pieces were popular during that period, such as teak furniture or atomic art. Know your budget and look for sales and second-hand items to help save money while bringing your vision to life. Invest in quality materials as often as possible since mid-century furniture has a classic, timeless style which will last. Finally, be creative with placement – don’t be afraid to mix styles or have fun with wall hangings or rugs to showcase your style!

How to care for your Mid-century modern furniture and décor

Caring for mid-century modern furniture and décor is essential to keeping these pieces looking new for many years. To ensure the best results, begin by vacuuming upholstery using a soft brush attachment and cleaning hard surfaces with a damp cloth. Removing dust and dirt regularly helps protect against wear and tear. Use only cleaning detergents made explicitly for furniture use, as cleaners containing abrasives can damage the finish of your piece. If your furniture has more extensive stains, such as food or ink, you may need to bring a professional cleaner. Doing this early on will save you money in the long run since it prevents further damage that can become more costly to repair when left untreated. Following these steps will keep your beloved mid-century modern furniture and décor looking fantastic for years to come!

What is mid-century modern interior design?

Mid-century modern interior design is a popular decoration style that has roots in interior design trends of the 1950s and 60s. It typically combines natural wooden furniture, geometric shapes, and bright colours. The overall look is minimalist while at the same time expressing interest and a connection to nature through materials and forms. Mid-century modern has become increasingly popular as people desire to add simple elements that are also elegant, sleek, unconventional, yet timeless. This decor allows you to express your style through thoughtful designs that capture details from the mid-century culture without seeming dated or overdone.

What colours are mid-century modern?

The mid-century modern style is defined by its distinctive colours, usually featuring bold hues like orchid, emerald green, yellow mustard and navy blue. At the same time, earthier shades such as oatmeal, clay soil and pale sage green also play a big part. Regarding neutrals, taupe and ivory are common choices that add texture and create balance in any room. These are all blended together to demonstrate beauty in every detail of this timeless design movement.

Why do Millenials like mid-century modern?

Millennials are drawn to mid-century modern style, as this aesthetic tugs on their heartstrings due to its classical lines and distinct character. This iconic look of the past offers a timeless appeal while helping Millennials stand out from the more contemporary designs in their lives. After all, many Millennials are looking for pieces that provide an intriguing blend of vintage and modern, something they can make their own. Mid-century current gives them that unique ability to take a piece of the past into their present home without looking passé. As if channelling the style-setters who pioneered the trend in the 50’s and 60’s, Millennials find both creativity and comfort in mid-century modern furnishings that speak to a shared love of creating stylish events from past eras.

Is retro the same as mid-century modern?

Retro and mid-century modern design has a number of similarities, but they are not the same thing. Retro style is generally characterized by bright colours, vibrant patterns, and evocative images reminiscent of or derived from past styles. Mid-century modern features more muted colours, minimalist lines, and geometric shapes, which emphasize the adaptability of the pieces to their surroundings; this look tends to be more timeless and less dependent on nostalgia than retro styling. Ultimately, retro celebrates playful energy, while mid-century modern creates an aura of sophistication. Depending on the desired ambience, both options can significantly affect the interior design.


Mid-century modern design is a timeless style that can be incorporated into any home décor. By understanding the key features of Mid-century modern and integrating them into your home, you can create a stylish and inviting space. Shopping for Mid-century modern furniture and décor can be easy if you know what to look for, and proper care will ensure that your pieces will last for years.

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