The Edwardian era was a time of great change and luxury, and the houses built during this time reflect that. There is an Edwardian house for everyone, from grandiose manors to more modest homes. In this blog post, we’ll look at all Edwardian houses – from their history and origins to what life was like inside them. So whether you’re looking to buy an Edwardian home or learn more about this fascinating period in history, read on!

What is an Edwardian house?

An Edwardian house typically refers to a type of home built in the early 1900s with a distinctive neoclassical style. Characteristics of an Edwardian house might include symmetrical stonework, high ceilings, grand staircases, ornately-crafted wooden doors and tall sash windows. Often associated with affluence, these homes are known for their air of elegance and layers of Victorian heritage. Many modern renovations remain sympathetic to the Edwardian architectural style while incorporating contemporary designs, which makes these houses still as desirable today as they were in the early 20th century.

The history of Edwardian houses

Edwardian houses were a popular style in the early 1900s and were characterized by roof lines that were horizontal and large, box-like shapes. In contrast to the heavier decorations that graced Victorian homes, Edwardian families opted for lighter decorations featuring soft colours such as blues, greens, yellows and pinks. The facades of these homes often included symmetrical details and bay windows, adding additional living space. Despite their popularity during this era, few Edwardian homes remain intact due to being sold off or left behind during the First World War; they have since been replaced with later architectural styles. Nevertheless, this particular house type has maintained its legacy with certain preserved areas that still feature neo-Edwardian architecture.

Why are Edwardian houses popular today

Edwardian houses are still popular today due to their attractive period charm, high ceilings and great detailing. Many of these homes were built until the 1930s and possess a mix of Victorian and modern features that appeal to homeowners seeking a timeless design. Moreover, Edwardian houses generally have several distinct characteristics that make them stand out from other architectural styles. These features typically include a large bay window, various symmetrical elements, highly decorative porch columns and an open-plan interior. Edwardian properties offer landowners the perfect blend of classic styling and modern extras that can be individually tailored to their tastes. As such, these homes remain as popular today as they have ever been.

How to identify an Edwardian house

Identifying an Edwardian house can be tricky, but it’s pretty doable with an eye for details and a bit of research. Most Edwardian homes date from the reign of King Edward VII, between 1901 and 1910, but homeowners can sometimes find construction projects which date even further into the 20th century. Distinguishing characteristics often include symmetrical red brick facades with bay windows or sharply angled rooflines in a period style. To delve further into originality, consider looking for side conservatories or decorative elements such as stained glass windows and terracotta tiles. Even though no two properties will be exactly the same, you should have no trouble identifying an Edwardian house by considering these details.

Tips for buying an Edwardian house

When purchasing an Edwardian house, there are a few tips to bear in mind. Firstly, do your homework and research the property thoroughly. Look up any historical documents detailing any associated building restrictions or regulations, like permitted use and planning constraints. Take time to discuss with the seller anything that is unclear or has been recently upgraded. Secondly, be aware of all the potential costs involved in buying a period property, as they often require more maintenance and repairs than newer builds. It’s advisable to bring in a surveyor who can accurately assess the work needed and its costs before committing to it. Lastly, if considering upgrading any features or adding additional rooms, check what permissions you need with local statutory bodies first – these requirements were much stricter during Edwardian times than today!

Wrap up

The Edwardian house is a classic style of architecture that has been around for over 100 years. Despite their age, these houses are still highly sought-after by homebuyers due to their elegant styles and spacious designs. If you’re considering buying an Edwardian house, be sure to research and have a realistic budget in mind. You can successfully buy and renovate an Edwardian property into your dream home with some know-how. Contact us today if you need help renovating an Edwardian house – we’d be happy to assist you!

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