There’s nothing more difficult than choosing the type of colour to paint your room. This is one area that has proved challenging to most people since there various factors that come into play before picking on the preferred colour. The first thing that comes into your mind is the room’s shape, light intensity, and how everything is going to match with your furniture. As if that’s all, you’ll be required to decide on the type of paint that will give your room much-needed beauty. Contrary to many opinions, the second decision is much easier because you’ll only be required to think about what you need. In answering the last part of this question, deciding on the best paint for your room is must be aligned with what you intend to use in your room. We will walk you through various painting options so that you can understand fewer features that separate three common painting options such as Eggshell, Satin, and Matt.

Painting Basics 

It must be remembered that the majority of interior paintings that involve walls, as well as ceilings, are done using emulsion. For better understanding, an emulsion is a water-based paint that has the power of drying faster when compared to solvent-based paint. On top of this, it has a lower volatile organic compound commonly known as VOC content. It’s worth noting that volatile organic compounds consist of chemicals that can evaporate into the air and are harmful to both our health as well environment. It’s from this that these paints have attracted intense criticisms from all corners of the continent. This is one reason that has prompted manufacturers to switch to criticized to switch to water-based paints that ate gradually taken their place. That said, it must be remembered that emulsion comes in three common finishes, including matt, satin, and silk. The finishes come with different amounts of sheen. No secret finishes that are shinier are not only tougher but also easier when you want to clean. It’s important to realize that there are exceptions to this thumb rule. Just in many sectors, the painting industry is also witnessing tremendous developments that have seen the development of a more convenient and reliable paint. For example, manufacturers have developed tougher matt paint that users can wipe down using a wet cloth without causing any damage to the surface.

Matt Emulsion

A matt paint can diffuse light, unlike other paints that reflect it. For this reason, you can rely on it whenever you want to hide imperfections resulting from small bumps as well as cracks that can be on the wall. More significantly, Matt can be your best bet if desire a great depth of colour. On the negative side, matt finishes will not guarantee durability this means that you’ll be forced to spend a lot of finds on refurbishing your paint. In most cases, the finish can wear away in the event that you try to sponge off small marks. This will leave a patchy effect that will give your apartment an uglier look. The good news is that this problem can be solved if opt for quality brands that can be washed. If you’re new in this field, you’re advised to do what’s known as steer clear of matt finishes in super-busy areas, including a hall for obvious reason. These areas are most likely going to need a lot of wiping due to their constant usage. You can stick with matt emulsion if you want to paint ceilings as well as medium-traffic rooms, including living rooms, dining rooms plus adult bedrooms.

Silk and Satin Emulsion

With the slightly polished surface that the duo produce, Silk and satin are in many cases described as mid-sheen finishes. While most people tend to believe that both silk and satin are used jointly, they have different applications. Typically, silk is preferred when painting walls while satin is for woodwork. The advantage of using silk to paint your wall is that it’s easy to wipe. This makes it the best choice for all the places that get grubby and is not limited to hallways, staircases, or even children’s bedrooms. When using silk paint, you need to be more careful since it comes from its shiny and reflection ability. In simple terms, silk paint is not necessary if you have an imperfect wall unless you want to expose your imperfections to the whole world.

What Is Eggshell

To a greater extend, an eggshell finish takes the property of a matt finish as well as a silk or satin finish. In general, an eggshell finish is shinier than a matt one and more delicate than satin or silk-effect finish. Since it can be wiped and comes with hardwearing, it’s the best option for woodwork and metal. Nonetheless, you can use it on your walls if you want to give it a gorgeous look. Beforehand, these finishes used to be oil-based one aspect that made them not to be eco-friendly and hard to clean up. On the positive side, companies have since switched to water-based alternatives that come with naturally low VOC levels.

Gloss Finishes

We cannot complete our discussion without looking at gloss finishes. It’s worth noting that gloss finishes are considered to be the greatest shine paint. This is the reason they’re the easiest to clean. Under normal circumstances, gloss finishes are reserved for wood as well as metal. When used on the walls, make sure that your surface is smooth to avoid showing up imperfections. 

Different Paints For Different Places

When selecting the paint for your shade, it’s important to ensure it is suitable for your preferred usage. Reading the information on the tin will give you a general overview of what the paint is all about. Essentially, we have different paints that are designed for particular environments. For instance, some paints can withstand steam as well as condensation that makes them ideal for bathrooms. Kitchen paints are not only moisture-resistant but also withstand grease and stains. Above all, the choice of room paint depends on the nature of your apartment plus your preferences.

Final Words

I hope this article helped debunk the difference between eggshell, matt and silk finish. If you need any more advice from a professional decorator, we are based in London and can provide help and assistance over the phone or take on your project with a free quote.

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