Bohemian décor has been gaining in popularity lately – for a good reason! This free-spirited style mixes and matches different elements to create a unique, personal space. If you’re considering adding some bohemian flair to your home, read on for everything you need to know about this trending style.

What is bohemian decor, and where did it come from?

Bohemian decor is a style of interior design that emphasizes creative expression and an air of “carefree living”. It is bold, lively, and engaging – filled with animal hide rugs, tie-dye cushions, pouffes, and unique items from around the world. Bohemian decor has its roots in the 1960s “hippie culture” that embraced a laid-back lifestyle. The original boho look featured bright colours and many materials (vegetable dyes, saris, hand embroidery). Today, many people have adopted bohemian decor to distinguish their home as a special place with a distinct personality and resonance.

How to incorporate bohemian elements into your home

If you’ve been dreaming of incorporating a bohemian flair into your home, it can be done with a few simple steps. Start by choosing a colour palette that speaks to the boho vibes you’re looking for – warm tones like teal and coral, muted neutrals mixed with bold geometric prints, or even statement colours like deep blues and fuchsia. Incorporate textiles such as tapestries or kilim rugs in exciting patterns and colours. Add furniture pieces with wooden accents for an earthy feel – think bookcases, chairs and side tables. If you want to commit to the bohemian aesthetic, try including hanging plants from your ceiling or walls for added texture and an inviting atmosphere. No matter how much or how little bohemian influence you decide to bring into your space, it will be uniquely yours!

The benefits of bohemian decor

Bohemian decor can give any home a unique, eclectic flair that is sure to be admired. This type of decor often draws inspiration from different cultures, allowing homeowners to combine colours and textures in custom combinations. Many people enjoy the relaxed feel of bohemian style because it often eschews cohesive design in favour of personal preferences. Subtle details such as dreamcatchers, floppy patterned rugs, and beaded curtains can add character to a room without overwhelming it. The bohemian decor also allows you to mix and match items for an endlessly creative space that expresses your one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for energy or peace, boho decor can bring comfort & a relaxation into any home environment.

Tips for creating a bohemian space in your home

Creating a bohemian living space can be a great way to express your style, but it takes some thought and planning! An easy place to start is with natural colour palettes – think of cosy, earthy tones and textures like raw wood, wicker, linen, and jute. You’ll also want to ensure the furniture you choose has a special touch of artistry and whimsy. Choose a mixture of dressers, benches, chairs and ottomans that seamlessly blend – look for unique shapes and vintage pieces! Don’t feel limited by trends either; a perfect bohemian home could include cultural influences worldwide. Incorporate colours, fabrics, and decorations that show off your culture and history in an approachable yet stylish way. A DIY craft project or two can add something special by adding extra care to each piece. Lastly, keep accessories minimal with just a few throw pillows or books for added colour on shelves or surfaces!

How to accessorize a bohemian space

Creating a bohemian-style decor can add an eclectic, relaxed feel to your space. One of the best ways to accessorize such a room is by incorporating unique pieces like brightly coloured handwoven baskets or rugs, vintage planters, stick and shell artwork and rustic wood trays into the design. A bit of detail, like throw pillows made from antique textiles such as kilims or pouffes in an animal print, can help to bring texture and colour to the area. Incorporating offbeat elements such as fringed curtains made from macrame, wooden stools with natural patterns, and exciting light fixtures will draw attention to the bohemian vibe in your room. You can give your home the perfect boho look with imagination and a few special items!

Bohemian-style ideas for different rooms in your house

With the current trend of adding a modern boho vibe to interiors, it’s easy to create a stylish, creative oasis in any room of your house. Achieving the Bohemian style look begins with subtlety; start by infusing organic textures and earthy colours into your space. To maximize comfort while achieving this unique flavour, opt for items like a faux fur area rug in the living room, distressed wood nightstands in the bedroom, or patterned throw pillows throughout. For added funkiness, bring some vintage pieces from flea markets, incorporate macrame details in unexpected places, hang dreamcatchers above beds or windows to inspire sweet dreams, and use plant life for an extra layer of colour and texture. So ditch those beige neutrals and brighten up any room with these bohemian-style ideas!


Now that you know about bohemian style, it’s time to start incorporating some elements into your home. Look around your house and see where you can add some bohemian pieces. Mixing different textures, patterns, and colours is the key to creating a bohemian space. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to experiment! And if you need more ideas or inspiration, check our website for tips and tricks on creating a bohemian space in your home.

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